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Ybody International Ltd. was established in 2003 and has since specialized in the manufacturing, marketing and sale of Glitter Tattoos and  Body Decorations. Ybody’s products are sold around the globe.

Ybody works with the highest standard of consumer products and is stringent to the European Standards for Cosmetics.

Ybody has developed an exclusive high quality “Pink Body Glue”, The world’s best body glue, which is listed with the US Food and Drug  Administration (FDA), and marked as CE for the European Union. 

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Ybody Glitter Tattoo 2 Brush set
Ybody Glitter Tattoo 2 Brush set
Brush set 2 pcs for applying glitter for tattoos. Use the small brush to scoop the glitter from the jar onto the skin. Use the large brush to wipe off the excess glitter afterwards.
Content 2 Quanty (€1.48 * / 1 Quanty)
€2.95 *